Thank you to everyone who participated! 

Dates: June 2nd and 3rd, 2021

Location: Video conference


The Feminist Anti-Violence Research Collective (FemAnVi) was delighted to organize our 4rd international bilingual* conference entitled Inspiring Domestic Violence Policies and Practices: International Perspectives, which will be held virtually on June 2nd and 3rd, 2021.


In recent years, the problem of domestic violence has occupied an important space in the public sphere, increasing in visibility over the past few months due to the COVID-19 pandemic and the recent wave of femicides in Quebec. Faced with this phenomenon, policy-makers and stakeholders are tasked with determining the best strategies to put in place, in order to ensure the security of victims, to hold violent partners accountable and more generally, to prevent domestic violence. In this context, the conference’s organizing committee is hoping to shine a light on inspiring policies and practices occurring both within Canada and across the world, in order to fuel the further development of new policies and practices in this area.


*Simultaneous interpretation was available in French and English.

Conference Program


Cost (once): $45 + tax

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Presentations links – Day 1

PDF Gill Hague – Building activism and services against domestic violence: A story of transformation

PDFJohn Davenay – Looking back to look forward: the evolution of research on domestic violence – reflections on the contributions from Europe and North America

PDFRebecca & Russel Dobash – Evolution of research with perpetrators

PDFDavid Adams – Promoting Engagement and Accountability: Good practices for Partner Abuse Programs

PDFKatreena Scott – Learning from 50 years of experience: Consultations with Canadian experts providing services to men who have abused their partners


Presentations links – Day 2

PDF Marcella Pirrone – Council of Europe Convention on preventing & combating violence against women & domestic violence (Istanbul Convention)

PDFGloria Casas Vila & Encarna Bodelon Gouzalea – Spanish Laws Against Domestic & Sexual Violence: Breakthroughs, Limitations & Paradoxes

PDF 1 PDF 2 – Marsha Scott & Susie Dalton – Reconnecting women’s & children’s human rights: Exciting developments in policy, practice & participation in Scotland

PDFRuth M. Glenn – Violence Against Women Act in the United States

PDFThe Honorable Pierre J. Dalphond –  Finally, a reform of the Divorce Act




For the participants who have been inspired by John Devaney, her book is now avalaible


For the participants who have been inspired by Gill Hague, her book is now avalaible