Promoting mother-child communication in the context of domestic violence.

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Quite a challenge to ensure the holding of a virtual conference that aims to inspire participants! We would like to thank the people who made it possible to take up this challenge, which was very close to our hearts.

First of all, thanks to Rim Mohsen who ensured an unparalleled animation throughout these two days. Thank you to each speaker and panelist for their generous contribution to research, practices or policies on violence against women and children. Thanks to Michael for the technical support. Finally, we would like to thank the Faculty of Social Sciences and the School of Social Work at the University of Ottawa for their contribution to the funding of this event. And a special thank you to the survivors of domestic violence (including children and teenagers!) who keep our fire on.

The organizing committee

Presentations are now available: Inspiring Domestic Violence Policies and Practices | FemAnVi

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The feminist anti-violence research Collective (FemAnVi) is a stimulating space aiming to develop and support research, social interventions and activist actions within feminist battles on violence against women. Its activities (occur within a context of reciprocity and knowledge co-construction) involving feminist and pro-feminist researchers, students, practitioners and activists.

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